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The Old Woman in the Wood

Written by Brothers Grimm

Fairy tale of a girl that is abandoned in the forest when the family she works for is killed by thieves. A bird finds her sitting sorrowfully and brings her a key that unlocks a magic tree which contains food, clothes and bedding inside. She lives happily like this until one day the bird asks her to complete a task and her adventure begins.

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The Three Feathers

Written by Brothers Grimm

The story of a young boy who in a competition with his brothers to gain control of the kingdom, finds a group of toads and a magical treasure chest. Here the boy is able to overcome all the trials set forth by the kind, and triumphs over his more able brothers.

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Fundevogel or “Foundling Bird”

Written by Brothers Grimm

A classic fairy tale of little boy found high up in a tree by a forester and brought home. He becomes close companions with the forester’s daughter and together they escape from the evil plans of the house cook and her servants.

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