Children's Stories Just for Boys

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The Flail from Heaven

Written by Brothers Grimm

A short story of a peasant that exchanges his animals for a bag of turnip-seed. When one of the seeds falls from the bag, it grows into a large tree that reaches to heaven. The peasant climbs up the tree to see what the angels are doing and just as he gets to the top the tree is being cut down below. He uses his cunning to save himself from falling.

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Children's Stories Just for Girls

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Beauty and the Beast

Written by Dinah Maria Mulock (Miss Mulock)

A humble merchant’s daughter goes to live with a hideous beast in order to save her father’s life. During her stay she becomes close to the creature and eventually the fall in love, breaking the beast’s curse and turning him back into a handsome prince.

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Children's Stories For Boys or Girls

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The Lion and the Crane

Written by Joseph Jacobs

The story of an ungrateful lion who is helped by a crane when in trouble.

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Children's Stories For a Boy and a Girl

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Hansel and Grethel

Written by Brothers Grimm

A classic fairy tale of brother and sister working together to overcome the odds. They are confronted with a mean stepmother who forces their father to leave the children in the forest, where they encounter an evil witch. The siblings survive, discover riches and live happily.

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Children's Stories For One Child

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One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes

Written by Brothers Grimm

Three sisters, one with one eye, another with two eyes and the third with three eyes live in poverty. The sister with two eyes is treated poorly because she has two eyes like other common people and is not special like the other two sisters. However, it is the kindness of Two-Eyes that in the end finds her love and happiness.

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Children's Stories For Two Children

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Little Brother and Little Sister

Written by Brothers Grimm

Adventurous tale of a brother and sister that escape from their wicked step-mother to live by themselves in the forest. During their escape, the brother is cursed and transformed into a deer. The sister cares for her brother and eventually becomes Queen. The step-mother learns of their happiness and again tries to ruin them, but fails.

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