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Donkey Cabbages

Written by Brothers Grimm

Story of a young huntsman that comes upon a magic cloak that can transport him anywhere he wishes and a bird’s heart that makes a gold piece appear under his pillow every morning. A witch decides to use her beautiful daughter to take advantage of the huntsman and take away his treasures. After their adventure, the huntsman and daughter live happily together.

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Sweet Porridge

Written by Brothers Grimm

A mother and her daughter live in poverty and have nothing to eat until the daughter meets a strange woman in the forest who gives her a pot that can cook as much porridge as they want. When the mother forgets how to stop the porridge from cooking, it overwhelms and covers the entire town, until the daughter comes back to stop it!

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The Tempest

Written by William Shakespeare

Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, and his daughter the princess live alone on a stranded island until visited by a handsome prince, with whom she eventually marries and becomes Queen of Naples.

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