How It Works

Fairy Tale Nights was designed to allow you, the reader, to customize each story with your choices. The basic storyline remains the same, to ensure the original intention of the author stays in tact. You can customize a story in 3 easy steps.

1. Register an account with Fairy Tale Nights

Register to ensure you have access to all the stories on the site. Registration is simple and FREE!

2. Select a story you wish to customize.

Stories are organized in the following way:

  • By category (Classic Fairy Tales, Fables, etc.),
  • By gender (For Boys or Girls, Just for Boys, etc.) and
  • By how many children the story is customizeable for (For One Child, For Two Children, etc.).

3. Enter your choices into the form and click “Create Story!”

How to Customize a Story: User Form


That’s it, now you have your custom story!

All stories are ready for a bedside reading on your favorite tablet (such as an iPad) or print the story out and read it later!