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Prince Sneeze

Written by Henry Beston

A prince is cursed by a mean fairy. Every time he sneezes something strange happens. His curse is only broken once he marries.

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The Fisherman and His Wife

Written by Brothers Grimm

A fisherman finds an enchanted fish in the sea who grants his wife every wish. She becomes overwhelmed with greed and her wishes are never satisfying enough. In the end she learns to be thankful for what she has and live with humility.

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The Golden Goose

Written by Brothers Grimm

While a boy is cutting wood for his father, he finds a golden goose within the roots of the tree. The greed of the villagers caused them to try and steal the feathers of the goose, but instead they became permanently attached to the bird. As the boy walks on, the sight of this causes a nearby princess to break from her gloomy mood, laugh and be taken for the bride.

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