Just for Boys - Featured Stories

Ferdinand the Faithful

Written by Brothers Grimm

A poor boy befriends a horse and travels the land. He comes upon a kingdom and is taken in by the king as a rider. He is sent on several quests and with the help of his horse and other companions he completes his goals and in the end wins the heart of the queen.

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The Flail from Heaven

Written by Brothers Grimm

A short story of a peasant that exchanges his animals for a bag of turnip-seed. When one of the seeds falls from the bag, it grows into a large tree that reaches to heaven. The peasant climbs up the tree to see what the angels are doing and just as he gets to the top the tree is being cut down below. He uses his cunning to save himself from falling.

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The Lazy Spinner

Written by Brothers Grimm

Short story of a lazy wife who refuses to do the work necessary to keep the house clean. Her husband sets off to get the tools necessary but she tricks him to avoid the extra work. After a while the husband gets tired of the mess and insists that his wife handle the problem. She again tricks him and he forgets about the whole affair.

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