Just for Boys - Featured Stories

Thumbling as Journeyman

Written by Brothers Grimm

A boy, the size of a thumb, goes out from his father’s house into the world. He gets into all kinds of adventures and eventually returns home to his father’s love.

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The Devil and his Grandmother

Written by Brothers Grimm

Three brothers are given great wealth by the Devil and after seven years will be in his service, unless they can answer the riddle.

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The Valiant/Brave Little Tailor

Written by Brothers Grimm

A story of a tailor who kills 7 flies with one strike. Wearing an apron that says, “Seven at 1 Stroke,” he convinces the town that he is a great hero. He goes on an adventure to face giants, wild animals and more. Not actually a hero, he survives using his wits not his strength.

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