Just for Boys - Featured Stories

The Blue Light

Written by Brothers Grimm

A soldier returns from war and no longer finds work for the king. He wanders into a forest where he finds a witch and discovers her blue light that allows him to summon a dwarf. The solider uses the blue light and the dwarf to gain wealth, get revenge against the king and eventually evade death.

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The Lazy Spinner

Written by Brothers Grimm

Short story of a lazy wife who refuses to do the work necessary to keep the house clean. Her husband sets off to get the tools necessary but she tricks him to avoid the extra work. After a while the husband gets tired of the mess and insists that his wife handle the problem. She again tricks him and he forgets about the whole affair.

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The Wonderful Musician

Written by Brothers Grimm

A musician goes through the forest playing his instrument looking for a companion. He comes across three wild animals who want to learn to be musicians as well. He tricks them and they eventually return for revenge. The musician is saved by a local wood cutter and all is well.

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