Just for Boys - Featured Stories

The Flail from Heaven

Written by Brothers Grimm

A short story of a peasant that exchanges his animals for a bag of turnip-seed. When one of the seeds falls from the bag, it grows into a large tree that reaches to heaven. The peasant climbs up the tree to see what the angels are doing and just as he gets to the top the tree is being cut down below. He uses his cunning to save himself from falling.

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The Poor Miller’s Boy and the Cat

Written by Brothers Grimm

A miller challenges his three apprentices to bring him a horse. The one that brings the best horse gains ownership of the mill. The poorest of the three ends up in the care of a household of cats for 7 years in exchange for a magnificent horse. In the end the boy not only wins the contest but wins the princess as well!

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Donkey Cabbages

Written by Brothers Grimm

Story of a young huntsman that comes upon a magic cloak that can transport him anywhere he wishes and a bird’s heart that makes a gold piece appear under his pillow every morning. A witch decides to use her beautiful daughter to take advantage of the huntsman and take away his treasures. After their adventure, the huntsman and daughter live happily together.

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