Just for Boys - Featured Stories

The Blue Light

Written by Brothers Grimm

A soldier returns from war and no longer finds work for the king. He wanders into a forest where he finds a witch and discovers her blue light that allows him to summon a dwarf. The solider uses the blue light and the dwarf to gain wealth, get revenge against the king and eventually evade death.

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Written by Beatrix Potter

Classic tale of a mischievous rabbit that finds himself in trouble when disobeying his mother. The small rabbit decides to go into the neighboring farmer’s garden, when he is discovered and chased by the farmer. The rabbit eventually escapes and learns his lesson to behave and follow his mother’s instructions.

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Prince Sneeze

Written by Henry Beston

A prince is cursed by a mean fairy. Every time he sneezes something strange happens. His curse is only broken once he marries.

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