Just for Boys - Featured Stories

Hans the Hedgehog

Written by Brothers Grimm

An online children's story designed to allow the reader to customize the characters, objects and actions within the story, creating a unique and personalized reading experience! Fill out the form with your choices, submit and let the imagination go wild!

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The Poor Miller’s Boy and the Cat

Written by Brothers Grimm

A miller challenges his three apprentices to bring him a horse. The one that brings the best horse gains ownership of the mill. The poorest of the three ends up in the care of a household of cats for 7 years in exchange for a magnificent horse. In the end the boy not only wins the contest but wins the princess as well!

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The Old Man and his Grandson

Written by Brothers Grimm

Short story of an old man that is treated poorly by his children once he becomes helpless and burdensome to care for. The simple intervention of the grandson helps the parents realize that they too will become old some day and they realize the need to care for the old grandfather.

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