Just for Boys - Featured Stories

The Tailor in Heaven

Written by Brothers Grimm

Children’s story of a poor tailor that pleads to be allowed into heaven and out of pity, St. Peter lets him enter. Once inside, the tailor begins to judge the actions of those down on Earth as if he is God. Because he has no patience and humility, God makes him leave heaven.

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The Blue Light

Written by Brothers Grimm

A soldier returns from war and no longer finds work for the king. He wanders into a forest where he finds a witch and discovers her blue light that allows him to summon a dwarf. The solider uses the blue light and the dwarf to gain wealth, get revenge against the king and eventually evade death.

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Princess Goldenhair

Written by Edric Vredenburg

A prince is tasked with convincing Princess Goldenhair to marry his king. Accompanied by his dog, the prince must complete three tasks to win the Princess. In the end, the Prince and Princess marry and live happily ever after.

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