Just for Boys - Featured Stories

The Golden Goose

Written by Brothers Grimm

While a boy is cutting wood for his father, he finds a golden goose within the roots of the tree. The greed of the villagers caused them to try and steal the feathers of the goose, but instead they became permanently attached to the bird. As the boy walks on, the sight of this causes a nearby princess to break from her gloomy mood, laugh and be taken for the bride.

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The Old Man and his Grandson

Written by Brothers Grimm

Short story of an old man that is treated poorly by his children once he becomes helpless and burdensome to care for. The simple intervention of the grandson helps the parents realize that they too will become old some day and they realize the need to care for the old grandfather.

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Princess Goldenhair

Written by Edric Vredenburg

A prince is tasked with convincing Princess Goldenhair to marry his king. Accompanied by his dog, the prince must complete three tasks to win the Princess. In the end, the Prince and Princess marry and live happily ever after.

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