For a Boy and a Girl - Featured Stories

The Six Swans

Written by Brothers Grimm

A king has seven children and six of them are changed into swans. The seventh child, his daughter, vows to save them by sewing magical shirts that will transform them back to humans. She is unable to speak during her work and must resist the doings of her evil step-mother.

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Fundevogel or “Foundling Bird”

Written by Brothers Grimm

A classic fairy tale of little boy found high up in a tree by a forester and brought home. He becomes close companions with the forester’s daughter and together they escape from the evil plans of the house cook and her servants.

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The Ant and the Chrysalis

Written by Aesop

A short cautionary fable of an ant too quick to judge another. Looks can be deceiving and the ant quickly learns that appearance isn’t everything.

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