Classic Fairy Tales - Featured Stories

The Tailor in Heaven

Written by Brothers Grimm

Children’s story of a poor tailor that pleads to be allowed into heaven and out of pity, St. Peter lets him enter. Once inside, the tailor begins to judge the actions of those down on Earth as if he is God. Because he has no patience and humility, God makes him leave heaven.

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Little Red Riding Hood

Written by Brothers Grimm

A classic fairy tale of a little girl who learns the lesson to not talk to strangers. She is tricked by a wolf who eats and pretends to be her grandmother. In the end the girl is saved by a hunter passing by and vows to never disobey her mother again.

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The Six Swans

Written by Brothers Grimm

A king has seven children and six of them are changed into swans. The seventh child, his daughter, vows to save them by sewing magical shirts that will transform them back to humans. She is unable to speak during her work and must resist the doings of her evil step-mother.

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