Classic Fairy Tales - Featured Stories

King Thrushbeard

Written by Brothers Grimm

An arrogant princess is humbled when she is forced to marry a beggar and live in poverty. She learns to be grateful for what she had as royalty and in the end is surprised to find that the beggar is in fact a king! They marry and live happily ever after.

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The Water Nix (Water Spirit)

Written by Brothers Grimm

A brother and sister fall into a well and are captured by a nix (water spirit) that lives at the bottom. They are forced to work and eat bad food. Once the nix is away, the children make a plan and escape, leaving the nix to live alone in the well once more.

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Doctor Know All

Written by Brothers Grimm

An online children's story designed to allow the reader to customize the characters, objects and actions within the story, creating a unique and personalized reading experience! Fill out the form with your choices, submit and let the imagination go wild!

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