Classic Fairy Tales - Featured Stories

Mother Holle (Frau Holle)

Written by Brothers Grimm

A young girl is transported into the earth where lives Mother Holle. She helps Mother Holle clean her house and is rewarded for doing her chores well. The girl’s step-sister is also transported to Mother Holle, but because of her laziness is rewarded very differently.

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The Girl Without Hands

Written by Grimm Brothers

Story of a young maiden who has her hands cut off to save her father’s life from the devil. Because of her pious nature and good heart, she is taken in by the king and becomes queen. Her hands eventually return and she lives happily with the king.

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The Bremen Town Musicians

Written by Grimm Brothers

Story of an unlikely bunch of animals who escape their normal lives to become musicians in the nearby town of Bremen. They encounter a household of robbers along the way and team up to run them off, get their food and take over the establishment.

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