Classic Fairy Tales - Featured Stories

The Shroud

Written by Brothers Grimm

Sad story of a mother who loses her child to an illness. The child returns as a ghost to comfort the mother and tell her that it cannot sleep until she stops her crying. The mother eventually bears the pain in silence and the child sleeps peacefully in its grave.

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Sweet Porridge

Written by Brothers Grimm

A mother and her daughter live in poverty and have nothing to eat until the daughter meets a strange woman in the forest who gives her a pot that can cook as much porridge as they want. When the mother forgets how to stop the porridge from cooking, it overwhelms and covers the entire town, until the daughter comes back to stop it!

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One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes

Written by Brothers Grimm

Three sisters, one with one eye, another with two eyes and the third with three eyes live in poverty. The sister with two eyes is treated poorly because she has two eyes like other common people and is not special like the other two sisters. However, it is the kindness of Two-Eyes that in the end finds her love and happiness.

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