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The Girl Without Hands

Written by Grimm Brothers

Story of a young maiden who has her hands cut off to save her father’s life from the devil. Because of her pious nature and good heart, she is taken in by the king and becomes queen. Her hands eventually return and she lives happily with the king.

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Written by Brothers Grimm

Classic fairytale story of a king’s whose wife dies and his quest to find a new queen as beautiful as the first. Trouble arises when the kings sets out to marry his daughter! She doesn’t wish to marry her daughter and instead runs away from the kingdom, in disguise.

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Little Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Written by Brothers Grimm

A beautiful maiden causes her evil step-mother to become jealous. The maiden escapes from her step-mother’s plot and goes to live with seven dwarfs. The step-mother with her greed and envy sets out to kill the maiden once and for all.

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