Classic Fairy Tales - Featured Stories

Cat and Mouse in Partnership

Written by Brothers Grimm

Story of how a cat and mouse form a partnership and decide to store food in preparation for the winter. The greedy cat deceives the mouse and sneaks away to eat the food while the mouse takes care of the house. The partnership ends and the mouse pays the ultimate price.

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Rumpelstilzchen (Rumpelstiltskin)

A miller’s daughter must spin straw to gold and promises her first child to a magical dwarf for help. She can keep the child if she guesses the dwarf’s name.

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Little Brother and Little Sister

Written by Brothers Grimm

Adventurous tale of a brother and sister that escape from their wicked step-mother to live by themselves in the forest. During their escape, the brother is cursed and transformed into a deer. The sister cares for her brother and eventually becomes Queen. The step-mother learns of their happiness and again tries to ruin them, but fails.

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