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The Poor Miller’s Boy and the Cat

Written by Brothers Grimm

A miller challenges his three apprentices to bring him a horse. The one that brings the best horse gains ownership of the mill. The poorest of the three ends up in the care of a household of cats for 7 years in exchange for a magnificent horse. In the end the boy not only wins the contest but wins the princess as well!

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Sweet Porridge

Written by Brothers Grimm

A mother and her daughter live in poverty and have nothing to eat until the daughter meets a strange woman in the forest who gives her a pot that can cook as much porridge as they want. When the mother forgets how to stop the porridge from cooking, it overwhelms and covers the entire town, until the daughter comes back to stop it!

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King Thrushbeard

Written by Brothers Grimm

An arrogant princess is humbled when she is forced to marry a beggar and live in poverty. She learns to be grateful for what she had as royalty and in the end is surprised to find that the beggar is in fact a king! They marry and live happily ever after.

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Our Lady’s Child

Written by Brothers Grimm

A girl is brought to heaven by the Virgin Mary and allowed to explore. She disobeys the virgin and as punishment is sent back to earth to live a miserable life. She is found by a king, who marries her and her disobedience is again tested.

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Rumpelstilzchen (Rumpelstiltskin)

A miller’s daughter must spin straw to gold and promises her first child to a magical dwarf for help. She can keep the child if she guesses the dwarf’s name.

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The Little Match Girl

Written by Hans Christian Andersen

A Hans Christian Andersen story of a small girl selling matches and struggling to stay warm in the bitter winter cold. Adapted for boys and girls.

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