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Little Red Riding Hood

Written by Brothers Grimm

A classic fairy tale of a little girl who learns the lesson to not talk to strangers. She is tricked by a wolf who eats and pretends to be her grandmother. In the end the girl is saved by a hunter passing by and vows to never disobey her mother again.

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Little Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Written by Brothers Grimm

A beautiful maiden causes her evil step-mother to become jealous. The maiden escapes from her step-mother’s plot and goes to live with seven dwarfs. The step-mother with her greed and envy sets out to kill the maiden once and for all.

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The Tempest

Written by William Shakespeare

Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, and his daughter the princess live alone on a stranded island until visited by a handsome prince, with whom she eventually marries and becomes Queen of Naples.

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