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Written by Brothers Grimm

A young girl is taken from her family by a wicked enchantress and locked in a tower. A prince hears her singing and climbs into the tower where he immediately falls in love. The enchantress sends the girl away, but the prince finds her and they live together happily.

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The Seven Ravens

Written by Brothers Grimm

A girl finds that her seven brothers were cursed into becoming birds and she ventures off to save them. She finds them in a glass mountain secured by a dwarf and eventually lifts their curse.

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Little Red Riding Hood

Written by Brothers Grimm

A classic fairy tale of a little girl who learns the lesson to not talk to strangers. She is tricked by a wolf who eats and pretends to be her grandmother. In the end the girl is saved by a hunter passing by and vows to never disobey her mother again.

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