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The Girl Without Hands

Written by Grimm Brothers

Story of a young maiden who has her hands cut off to save her father’s life from the devil. Because of her pious nature and good heart, she is taken in by the king and becomes queen. Her hands eventually return and she lives happily with the king.

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King Thrushbeard

Written by Brothers Grimm

An arrogant princess is humbled when she is forced to marry a beggar and live in poverty. She learns to be grateful for what she had as royalty and in the end is surprised to find that the beggar is in fact a king! They marry and live happily ever after.

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The Three Little Men in the Wood

Written by BrothersGrimm

A girl who is good and honest is blessed with a good life and her step-sister who is naughty and mean is miserable. The wife, jealous of her step-daughter tries to ruin her life, but she eventually marries the king, becomes queen and lives happily.

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