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The Iron Stove

Written by Brothers Grimm

A prince is trapped in an iron stove by a wicked witch. The princess frees him from his prison but loses him. She makes a journey to find him and be together at last.

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One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes

Written by Brothers Grimm

Three sisters, one with one eye, another with two eyes and the third with three eyes live in poverty. The sister with two eyes is treated poorly because she has two eyes like other common people and is not special like the other two sisters. However, it is the kindness of Two-Eyes that in the end finds her love and happiness.

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Written by Brothers Grimm

A young girl is taken from her family by a wicked enchantress and locked in a tower. A prince hears her singing and climbs into the tower where he immediately falls in love. The enchantress sends the girl away, but the prince finds her and they live together happily.

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