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The Winter’s Tale

Written by Charles and Mary Lamb

A king’s jealousy forces him to abandon his wife and new-born infant. His child is taken in by a shepard and she grows to become a beautiful woman that eventually marries a prince and is reunited with her father.

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The Three Spinners

Written by Brothers Grimm

A girl obsessed with spinning is taken in by the queen and asked to spin three rooms full of yarn. Distressed, she acquires the help of three strange women and promises to invite them to her wedding when she marries the prince.

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The Old Woman in the Wood

Written by Brothers Grimm

Fairy tale of a girl that is abandoned in the forest when the family she works for is killed by thieves. A bird finds her sitting sorrowfully and brings her a key that unlocks a magic tree which contains food, clothes and bedding inside. She lives happily like this until one day the bird asks her to complete a task and her adventure begins.

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