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The Frog Prince (Frog King or Iron Henry)

Written by Brothers Grimm

A princess loses her ball while playing near a well. A frog retrieves it for her, after she promises to love the frog and bring him back to her castle. When the princess breaks her promise, the king forces her to uphold her word.

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The Three Little Men in the Wood

Written by BrothersGrimm

A girl who is good and honest is blessed with a good life and her step-sister who is naughty and mean is miserable. The wife, jealous of her step-daughter tries to ruin her life, but she eventually marries the king, becomes queen and lives happily.

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Our Lady’s Child

Written by Brothers Grimm

A girl is brought to heaven by the Virgin Mary and allowed to explore. She disobeys the virgin and as punishment is sent back to earth to live a miserable life. She is found by a king, who marries her and her disobedience is again tested.

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