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The Iron Stove

Written by Brothers Grimm

A prince is trapped in an iron stove by a wicked witch. The princess frees him from his prison but loses him. She makes a journey to find him and be together at last.

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The Three Little Men in the Wood

Written by BrothersGrimm

A girl who is good and honest is blessed with a good life and her step-sister who is naughty and mean is miserable. The wife, jealous of her step-daughter tries to ruin her life, but she eventually marries the king, becomes queen and lives happily.

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The Three Feathers

Written by Brothers Grimm

The story of a young boy who in a competition with his brothers to gain control of the kingdom, finds a group of toads and a magical treasure chest. Here the boy is able to overcome all the trials set forth by the kind, and triumphs over his more able brothers.

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